Interior Design and Decorating Tips For a Complete Home Makeover

Nothing is more important than interior design when it comes to giving your home a fresh new look. With some free time and the right tools, you can give your own home the perfect facelift. Here are a number of techniques which will allow you to change the look of your home, while still staying within your budget.

Getting Started
There are several points to consider before even setting out. First, plan your entire project ahead of time. Create a number of design models and then compare them based on looks, space usage, and practicality. Finally, select the one that suits you best. You have many options in home makeovers, so remember to choose according to your own tastes, whether that means using a minimalist theme or an abstract look.

General Considerations
One common practice in all designs is to repaint and design the walls. You can add decorative patterns to the walls or simply paint them in rich colors. Next, the furniture can be arranged according to color patterns. If you want furniture better suited to the new design, look for custom painted models at discount stores and sales. This will save money and add a polished atmosphere to your home.

Many people use a mixture of traditional and modern designs in their homes. Adding cushions and pillows will provide comfortable seating. For a chic look, you can experiment with spray painting your walls. If you want even more creative decorating tips, you can consult an interior designer or consultant for latest home decorating tips.

A Few Extra Tips
–Play around with lighting effects by adding a combination of functional and accenting lights.

–Pay extra attention to your kitchen and bathrooms as they are the most likely rooms to be used by visitors.
–Use designer drapes and blinds for your windows to create a separate mood for each room.
–Consider getting a Victorian style carpet or rug.
–Try placing a few abstract paintings on walls for a more modern touch.
–Adding wooden and bamboo furniture provides a unique atmosphere while making the house seem large and spacious.
–Finish off with a few potted plants.
–And remember: simplicity is the best key to a complete and charming makeover.

Creating An Efficient Contemporary Kitchen Design

Contemporary kitchens are described as minimalist, modern and geometric. Its features include asymmetry, horizontal lines and devoid of molding and other decorations. The materials used are usually man-made instead of natural. To name a few are laminate, chrome, frosted glass inserts, lacquer, stainless steel, linoleum and concrete. Contemporary design covers those styles from the 1940’s up to the present.

The key to achieving a well-organized kitchen design is an effective layout and visual element. If you want to create a modern facade in your kitchen, there are some things that you need to pay attention to.

1. Color combination

This is usually the first aspect that almost everyone observes about your kitchen. From the kitchen wall to the countertops, up to the ceiling and down to the floor, your kitchen’s color palette will elicit the first and lasting impression for visitors. No specific rules have been set regarding the color combination that’s right for your kitchen; the choice of shade will depend on factors such as lifestyle, age group and personality of the persons using the kitchen.

2. Lighting

This is another important element that must be taken into consideration when creating a contemporary design. Lighting influences the people’s size perception of the kitchen. Downlights can be nice, stylish touch to your kitchen. They should be used only to accentuate particular spots and not as principal sources of light. Bear in mind that a bright, well-lit workplace can make your kitchen look larger, more favorable and safer area to work in.

3. Safety

For safety purposes, the cabinets and doors in your kitchen should have soft closing systems. With this, the cabinet doors will settle gently before closing slowly so you don’t have to worry about your children’s fingers being caught. The work area and the cabinets should have the right height and you should also install reachable pull-out drawers for the older family members. For the flooring, you can use non-slip tiles.

4. Kitchen furniture

The kitchen furniture that you should use, such as chairs, bakers racks, table and bar stools should complement the kitchen’s overall interior style. To set off the contemporary design, you can pick items that are made of stainless steel and birch wood. You can also consider items with sleek linear style to maintain the modern look of your kitchen.

5. Accessories

These are important ingredient in every decorating style. However, in contemporary design, it might be better to use only few minimalist items.

Small Kitchen Design – Small Room Big On Style

A kitchen, no matter its size, is one of the most important rooms in the house. Everyone gathers in the kitchen, but what do you do if your kitchen is too small to hold your family? Can it still be an important room if it’s small? Absolutely it can and these small kitchen design tips below may even be able to make it seem bigger.

Many kitchens have a lot on their countertops. There’s the cookie jar, the toaster, the coffee maker, the sugar, coffee, and tea containers, among others. If your kitchen is small, any of that you can put away will help add space as well as a decorative touch to your kitchen. Clutter is never decorative, but clean lines in the kitchen can be. Having all of these things in the cabinets instead of on the countertops will create the clean lines.

Believe it or not, one of the keys to small kitchen design and decorating is bright colors which will help to open up the kitchen. If you prefer the wood grain for your cabinets, the walls can be painted a bright color. A textured look, depending on the texture, and color of the mix, can add to the openness of the room. A soft yellow, sky blue, or field green may be a good choice for this room because they are all colors that are reminiscent of the expansive outdoors. They will help add to the illusion of more space. If you’d rather take on the look of painted cabinets, again, choosing the softer shades will be a nice touch to the cabinets and it will also enhance the space in the kitchen.

If you have wall space and would like to display artwork on the walls, choose just a few pieces so as not to clutter the walls. If possible, choose pieces with scenery of open spaces. This will further enhance the illusion of space in the kitchen while retaining an inviting decor. Make sure the pieces that you display are not large. A moderate sized few paintings add a nice decorative touch to a small kitchen.

Functional items with decorative touches are another nice touch to this kitchen. These will add to the decor while being necessary pieces of your kitchen. A holder for your cooking utensils made designed to match the colors or items in your kitchen will enhance it without making it look cluttered. These are great items for the small kitchen because you will use them often, yet they become wonderful integrated parts of your decor.

A small kitchen is one with a cozy feel. It brings everyone together and strong bonds are made in this room. A feeling of unity within the decor of the room further enhances those bonds created by friends and family.